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Youth Blog

Psalm 119:9 –

This is one of the most powerful wings of the Krupa(Grace) Ministry. Young people of present generation are running at galloping speed without knowing where they are going. They are worst hit by Pornography, Alcoholism, Drug Addiction, Murder and Immoral living. According to bible, in Hosea 5:4 it is written  “For the spirit of Harlotry tree is within them, and they know not the Lord”. If we see the churches in the West and USA many churches do have hardly 10 or 15 believers in Big buildings. Reason is because of the prevailing immorality people are turning away from the Lord.

Hence, this ministry is working prayerfully among the youth turning really many young people to the living faith in Christ Jesus. As the church is praying for the revival among youth many young people who are fed up with the pleasures of the world and are in the grip of suicidal tendency are coming to this church for deliverance. Hallelujah!. For the Glory of God this church is being populated by the converted youth.

Hence in this website we do have enough content for the deliverance of the youth. All those who are at the cross roads can visit Youth Blog in this website the needed information to come out of all their bondages. Those much affected by pre-marital relationship, love affairs and other such youth problems can visit this blog and get delivered.