We Believe

We  believe that God is the creator of the entire universe.  We believe that the Holy Bible is God’s infallible word  personally spoken  by  him  through prophets  for the purpose of revealing  who He is to the mankind..

We believe in the triune God – one God in three persons, consisting of God the father, God the son(Jesus) and God the  Holyspirit.
We believe Jesus Christ is both God and the Son of God  who came  from heaven in the human form to save mankind but still retaining the divinity of God and who while living a sinless life was rejected and  betrayed by a man to be crucified and died on the cross yet not to remain  dead but to raise from the dead  on the third day in accordance with  the prophecies concerning Him. We believe  that the  death of Jesus on the cross provided complete atonement for all the sins of the world therefore cleansing those who choose to be cleansed from their sin.

We believe in rapture and   that Jesus would come back to take the church which is His bride. We believe in the resurrection  of saints first and  then after millennium the resurrection of the unsaved. We believe that Jesus physically rose from the dead ,was seen by and  interacted with many eye witnesses including the disciples and apostles and that Jesus has now ascended back into heaven where He originally came from God,   is currently seated in majesty ,power and authority alongside the father and he is  now  accessible to us in both prayer and fellowship.

We  believe the apostolic teachings,the anointing of the Holy spirit  and  healings  and miracles through the power of Holy Spirit.