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Prayer Life of Joshua

Being a follower of Moses,and watching the prayer life of Moses, Joshua said to himself that he too wants to become a prayer warrior. At first, Joshua was a warrior he fought for God and for the people of Israel but not a prayer warrior. If we see the life of King David, firstly, he killed lion,bear and Goliath he became a warrior not a prayer warrior. As he began to develop his spiritual life, David became a prayer warrior. How he prayed? His bed became wet because of his tears. In the same way being the follower of Moses, Joshua said to himself that he too wants to become a prayer warrior.

The Bible says in “ Ex 33: 8to 11” whenever Moses went out to the tabernacle, all the people rose, and each man stood at his tent door and watched Moses until he had gone into the tabernacle. Whenever Moses entered into the tabernacle the pillar of cloud descended, and all the people who were standing outside of the tent worshiped.  But whereas this young Joshua the servant and the follower of Moses, in Ex 33:11, Joshua did not depart from the tabernacle. Even though Moses came out of the tabernacle Joshua did not come. Joshua said to himself, if Moses prays, I will also pray. The whole people of Israel came out ot their tents just to watch the experience of Moses talking to God. Joshua did not come out of the tabernacle he said to himself, I want to have my own experiences with God not Moses experiences. If moses speaks God face to face I too want to speak. If God almighty speaks to Moses as a man speaks to his friend. I too want that experience. That is the heart and Prayer life of joshua. We should be filled with great thirst and hunger for great experience with God. We must think one thing why God choose Joshua Next to Moses but not Aaron, Hur and not even the sons of moses, because God saw joshua’s heart. At first, he faught for God and for the people of Israel. And God saw his obedience, faithfulness, association with Godly people and prayerlife. That’s why God chose Joshua God did not chose  aaron the high priest, Because he yielded to the sinful desire the people and made an image ignoring the one true living God , he was scared of the people in “ Exodus 32:2, and said “yes” to the people. A leader should never yield to the people, he should always yield to the lord and he should be God fearing person. That’s why God did not chose Aaron. What about the son’s of Moses? They were nowhere with moses, all the time Joshua. All the people raised up their voices against Moses and even against God including Aaron, but Joshua did not  raise his voice against Moses and against God. Instead he prayed for the people of Israel when they committed sin against God along with Moses. He always honors and respects anointed people and God servants. He obeys, he never shows disobedience towards God servants and towards God. Prayer is the most important weapon, we can get anything through prayer. Prayer means spending much time in the presence of the lord. It keeps us from falling in sin. Prayer makes us close to God. Being young, Joshua did not waste his time but he had spent time with the lord. In Acts 10:9,10, peter was in prayer. At that time peter was hungry, while the people inside were preparing food for peter he did not waste his time for food Bible says while they were preparing food he went to the upper room alone . A real God servant should never waste the time. Bible says, in “Eph 5:15&16”, the days are evil, we should not waste the time. When we spend much time in the presence of the lord, things will be different. Moses was avery busy man because at that time only Moses was the leader, leading and taking care of the people, but the lord said, Moses I know you are a very busy man yet I want you alone to come up unto the mountain. Because spending time with the lord is greater than doing God’s work. I we spend much time with the lord we will learn the nature of the lord. What happens if one spends much time in the presence of the lord? In “john 4”, we come across the Samaritan woman. Bible says Jesus was sitting nearby the well there came a Samaritan woman for water, at first she saw Jesus and found that he was a Jew because of the dress that Jesus was wearing. And later on she thought that he was a traveler. Finally Jesus saw her and asked her to give him some water to drink. As she began to spend time with the lord she opened her mouth and confessed her secret life, as she began to spend time with the lord, she came to know that he was a prophet . As she began to spend time with the lord she came to know that he is Messiah. And finally she became an evangelist. In the same way, when we spend time with the lord the things will be different. God wants us to spend time with him. Joshua all of his life he spent time with the lord. That’s why god chose Joshua .



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