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Pastor Joseph Prasanna Kumar

Pastor Joseph is a greatly anointed Servant of God from Kadapa  which is a backward district in Andhra Pradesh of South India. He is the son of Dr.T.D.Prasanna Kumar who is a Mighty Man of God. Dr. T.D.Prasanna Kumar is renowned for the great healings and miracles in his ministry. When he prayed rains stopped  for more than 40 times in different occasions, even cyclones, when they interrupted his Healing crusades. Pastor Joseph is the eldest son of Dr.T.D.Prasanna Kumar , Mrs.Vasundhara Prasanna Kumar is his mother and Krupesh is his brother who is leading worship in Krupa Church.

Pastor Joseph got married to Dr.Shinny Sharon in the year 2019 on 4th March. Besides being a medical professional she uses her talents for the ministry.

Pastor Joseph had an encounter with the Lord in the year 2014. As he was going through very difficult times in his life,  the dear Lord met him and gave a very clear calling to serve him. As Paul was not disobedient to his calling Pastor Joseph also obeyed to this great and high calling and became a servant of the Living God. Acts 26:19.

Soon after he received the calling of the Lord , our dear lord graciously opened doors to him to go to Singapore for School of Evangelism in the year 2014. He met the Mighty Man of God Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke who laid his hands on Pastor Joseph and anointed him.

Then immediately after that the Lord began to work on him and through him in a mighty way. God granted him great Gifts of Healing , Miracles and Revelations. Great wonders began to take place in his ministry, not only healings but also creative miracles. Now he is serving the Lord with his father Dr.T.D.Prasanna Kumar