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Many have undertaken to compile a narrative of the things.. it seemed good to me also..to write onto thee” – Luke 1:1-3

Two books have been published which are written by Dr.T.D.Prasanna Kumar. One is on “The Power Of Prayer”. The writer has delivered thousands of messages on “The Power Of Prayer”. And these messages have raised thousands of prayer warriors all across the world. Now this book on “The Power of Prayer” is taken from his own sermons to stir up the dormant lives of believers.

Another book is written on the problems of youth with a stress on the bad effects of pornography. The writer has been mightily by the the Lord in setting free those who are bound by the suicidal spirits , illegal and immoral relationships , spiritual chatting and all kinds of youth addictions. From his rich experiences under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and after spending 40 days in prayer this book has been writtened.

This is the book of its first kind in the entire world with vivid explanation of all the problems faced by the present generation. Many are receiving deliverance from their sinful lives by going through this book.

These two books are written in telugu language and we thank God for the request we are getting that they would help us to translate these books into other languages,