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History of Krupa Ministries Intl


This great ministry which is winning countless souls for the kingdom of God had a very humble beginning in the year 1982. In the beginning of his ministry Dr.T.D.Prasanna Kumar was leading a small prayer cell comprising of a very small group of believers. In the beginning it was only a praying group. But in the year 1982 when he had an encounter with Lord Jesus Christ, this ministry began to experience a great increase and expansion.
Before he started the ministry there were only a few traditional churches in kadapa in the state of Andhra Pradesh in South India .But the man of God in that small prayer group started praying that he should reach hundreds of thousands of souls with the good news of Christ. During those days this ministry didn’t have even a small room to gather and pray. So they were praying in open fields. But this very small ministry in those days praying to conduct mass healing crusades was a big mockery. Even believers mocked at him when he was praying for such a very great harvest.

But Jesus saw the great desire in the heart of Dr.T.D.Prasanna Kumar and when he visited him did fill the man of God with his mighty Holy Spirit and gave him the wonderful gifts of the Spirit. Lord Jesus told him that he was blessing him with the unusual gift of preaching the Word not only changing the hearts of people but also revealing mysteries of the scripture. Already the seeds of scripture which were planted by Late Mr. T.Joseph and Mrs. Gnanamma Joseph – the parents of the man of God began to stir him up and the visit of Lord Jesus gave a kick start to this wonderful ministry.

As a result healings and miracles started in his ministry. Demons trembled when he used the name of Jesus and many demon possessed were delivered. In one of his gospel meetings in a hill side town one hundred and fifty demon possessed people got delivered all at a time when the man of God commanded them to leave the possessed. When he stood up to preach, all the one hundred and fifty people stood up and demons began to manifest. In those days he was not supported by any volunteers so he stood alone , looked at all the demon possessed and rebuked the evil spirits in Jesus’ name. And all of them fell flat on the ground and got delivered. Today some of them are elders in different churches.

Like this the ministry began to spread like wild fire and crossed countries and continents. As on today he has travelled to sixteen countries and preached the Word of God. In the year 1986 the magazine ministry was started. Thousands of people are receiving this magazine and are blessed. The magazine is printed in one of the native languages in India. In the year 2001 the ministry entered into television field. Dr.T.D.Prasanna Kumar was the first person in South India to enter into television field. He began to preach the Word using television. At that time it was too burdensome for a person to do ministry using television that too for a person in a very economically backward region . But our dear Lord who is really faithful had been with this humble God’s servant and he went ahead with television programmes. For the second television programme he didn’t have money to pay to the channel . But today he is giving 120 television programmes every month.

Conducting gospel meetings has started in the very early days of his ministry. In one of his gospel meetings nearly 70 thousand people attended for the glory of God. So far he has conducted more than 1300 gospel meetings. Eyes of the blind were opened, deaf were healed, lame walked , dumb spoke and paralysed were healed by the power of Lord Jesus . On 38 different occasions when rains disturbed his gospel meetings which were conducted in the open air the man of rebuked the wind , the clouds and the rain and immediately rains stopped for the glory of God. When heathen see mighty miracles happening they are turning to the Lord in good number and our Lord Jesus is glorified.
Added to this he is sending evangelists to different unreached places in India in which there are no churches at all and churches are planted . Pastors are appointed in those churches to feed the flock with God’s word. Some are very remote places which are uncivilised and barbaric. Those people live in forests. They worship demons. Adultery is very common among those illiterate people. Now such people are worshiping the Lord after they are born-again. As on today there are 30 satellite churches around the main church in kadapa.

In the main church in kadapa,Andhra Pradesh of South India 3500 people attend to worship Our Lord Jesus. Dr.T.D.Prasanna Kumar is the senior pastor and founder of this great ministry.Faithful is our Lord Jesus who called Dr.T.D.Prasanna Kumar for His service.