Church Ministry

“ I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it” – Mathew 16:18

 Plantation of the churches was started in the year 2008.  The first church was started in kadapa. For the first service 120 people attended. But now the congregation has increased to 3500 people within eight years. As the Lord is confirming his word through signs and wonders the increase of the church membership is continuing.

Also 35 satellite churches are started in the district of kadapa.  And all the churches are growing for the glory of God.Pastors are appointed in the satellite churches and main church shoulders the responsibility to pay the salaries of pastors. The Church prays to God for financial help and as the Lord provides theirsalaries are paid by the main church.

The evangelists of the krupa church go deep into the hilly regions, villages and the unreached people of tribal background with the good news of Jesus. Most of the people in hilly regions are worshippers of demons. They practice witchcraft. Adultery is very common. Most of them are addicted to cheap liquors. The Grace of our Lord strengthened us to reach such people with the Gospel of Christ. As a result we have 35 satellite churches. Believers in these places do not have pproper places to worship Jesus. As and when the main church has some residual balance simple church buildings will be constructed in satellite areas.