This great ministry which is winning countless souls for the kingdom of God had a very humble beginning in the year 1982. In the beginning of his ministry Dr.T.D.Prasanna Kumar was leading a small prayer cell comprising of a very small group of believers. In the beginning it was only a praying group. But in the year 1982 when he had an encounter with Lord Jesus Christ, this ministry began to experience a great increase and expansion.

Before he started the ministry there were only a few traditional churches in kadapa in the state of Andhra Pradesh in South India .But the man of God in that small prayer group started praying that he should reach hundreds of thousands of souls with the good news of Christ. During those days this ministry didn’t have even a small room to gather and pray. So they were praying in open fields. But this very small ministry in those days praying to conduct mass healing crusades was a big mockery. Even believers mocked at him when he was praying for such a very great harvest.